The Girl

“Look into my eyes. Do you see it now? I am change.”

9 Amina is constrained by Afghan society, confined by her gender and expected only to serve men. But this child bride has had enough. She is determined to reject the limitations prescribed by society and to lead others to do the same.

The Writer

Zarghuna Kargar tells Amina’s story. The Kabul-born journalist and author of the heartwrenching book of stories, Dear Zari, has done as much to expand our understanding of women in Afghanistan as any writer in the world.

The Country

The notoriously conflict-ridden country of Afghanistan has suffered serious injury to its infrastructure, particularly in education, during several decades of war. But Afghanistan is in the midst of massive change and, after decades of exclusion, girls are being allowed to go to school again. The tragedy and hope of girls’ education is writ large in the mountains of Afghanistan.

The Artist

Amina’s story is narrated by Anne Hathaway, Academy Award Winner, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and longtime advocate for children’s, women’s and LGBT rights.


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any update on Amina. Ongoing communication with the NGO which aids her could endanger both Amina’s safety and the very work of the organization. But there is some good news. Today, there are more girls in school than in any time during Afghanistan’s history, and strides of progress in the area of girls’ education continue to be made.