For the production of the original film, we made a conscious choice to seek funding and support from a mix of businesses, traditional foundations and individual donors, believing that partnerships across sectors would make for a stronger, more effective project. In order of magnitude, institutional donations for the original Girl Rising film came from Intel, Vulcan Productions, Ford Foundation,, Nike Foundation, Public Foundation, Skoll Foundation, Fledgling Fund and many private individuals and family foundations.

For our work in India, funding has come from USAID, HP, Goldman Sachs, 6Sense, Intel and as well as private individuals and family foundations. In-kind donations have also been invaluable and have come from a whole host of businesses generously giving employee time, expertise and in-kind assets to help make Girl Rising successful. Girl Rising is truly the result of generosity by many.

Lastly, we need continued support for this work. If you are interested in supporting, please email