Ten Times Ten is a social venture production company. We believe that storytelling can make the world a better place. Our proudest example is the highly acclaimed feature film, Girl Rising, that explores the transformative power of educating girls. But we tell stories in all forms, short and long, seen around the world in theaters or on TV, on computers or tablets, in schools, corporate headquarters, community centers and houses of worship.

These well-crafted stories are the heart of a campaign to catalyze support for girls’ education and empowerment, bringing together individuals and influencers, parents and presidents to raise awareness and foster community-led change.

Our work is funded by philanthropists, corporations, US government, foundations and sales of our film and merchandise. Every dollar helps support girls – by financing our global campaign to change minds, behavior and policy, and by contributing to NGOs on the ground doing the hard work of providing educational opportunities for girls and breaking down the barriers that stand in their way.