Girl Rising is a global social action campaign for girls’ education, created by Ten Times Ten, LLC.

Our purpose is to make sure people everywhere are talking about girls’ education, that they understand its transformative power, recognize the barriers, and choose to get involved in order to make a difference.

Any revenues generated by Girl Rising go back into the project or toward furthering the goals of the campaign.

How we drive change:

  1. We create powerful, catalytic content that raises the value of the girl. We distribute our compelling film, media content and a variety of tools, including discussion guides and curricula that people watch, share and use around the world.

  2. We build diverse partnerships to increase the visibility and scale of our message, and to influence community, corporate and national leaders.

  3. We provide immediate and tangible ways for people to take action - whether driving donations to girl-centered programs or inspiring people around them to dismantle the barriers that hold girls back.

In the last three years, Girl Rising’s stories have reached millions of people around the world, inspiring thousands of girls and boys, parents and teachers, corporate leaders and government officials, to take action and lead change in their own communities. And we’ve only just begun.