You bet! Charge admission for your event, team up with other organizations or student groups to split the cost, and invite as many people as you’d like.

We have found that individuals and groups partnering together host successful events by distributing the costs and leveraging their larger reach. The more partners, the better for attracting a big crowd.

We understand that, in some instances, the licensing fee is high and we are happy to provide alternatives. You may be interested in our free online chapters, Suma’s Story and Senna’s Story. These two free chapters, totaling 25 minutes can be paired with extra, supplementary videos from our YouTube Channel about barriers to girls' education and the authors of the chapter.

Together, they allows time for other features of your event, like a discussion, fundraiser, or anything else you can imagine!

Fundraising for your screening? Here are some tips:

  1. Write your family and friends a personal letter inviting them to your event. Ask if they will consider making a donation to help you scale the impact of your event.

  2. Charge a small ticket fee or ask for a suggested donation at the door.

  3. Announce your goal on social media, telling your peers about your screening and inviting them to help you organize it. Publicly thank people who donated or attended and encourage them to stay involved.

  4. Look for partner organizations or sponsors in your community. Ask a local university if you can use their auditorium. Stores, houses of worship, coffee shops and restaurants may have an event space too. Inspire them by sharing the Girl Rising trailer and your own story about why girls’ education matters to you.

  5. Donate your birthday, graduation or another milestone event. Ask for gifts that give back and use them to sponsor a celebratory screening.

  6. Create your own: Plan a bake sale, organize a 5K or open mic night, pledge your tutoring or babysitting money. Get creative! These events and activities can be organized to support your screening, in conjunction with the main event, or as a post-event fundraiser.