Yes! We are so grateful for any measure of support for our campaigns and programs around the world.

To contribute online, you may donate here.

Where does the money go?

Each contribution to Girl Rising impacts girls and the community around her - her siblings, teachers, parents, leaders and beyond. Our work promotes the need to invest in girls and boys equally, proving the great possibilities when girls are supported and providing tangible ways to take action and get involved.

Some examples of what donations support include:

  • Production of mass media public service announcement campaigns, distributed in areas where girls' rights are severely limited
  • Re-enrollment programs for hundreds of out-of-school girls and boys in our program regions
  • Trainings for teachers focused on reducing gender bias in the classroom
  • Workshops for journalists to help them better report on peace, stability and education - with the role of women at the center
  • Support for curricula development and youth engagement programming
  • Translations and adaptations of the film for use in new contexts and cultures
  • Subsidized screening licenses for the Girl Rising film
  • Research and development for our expansion to new regions around the world
  • Data analysis to help us measure the effectiveness of our work

The barriers that keep girls from equal education and opportunity are complex. Some issues have to do with resources - where the distance to school is too far, there are not enough schools or teachers or money for books. But socio-cultural barriers also hold girls back.

This is what Girl Rising tackles - changing the way girls and girls’ education are valued.

If you have further questions, please email