Have you been looking for a way to broaden your students’ worldviews? To capture their imaginations? To inspire them to value their educations and to realize their own power to change the world?

Girl Rising and the Pearson Foundation have collaborated to create this curriculum to help educators engage students in meaningful theme-based lessons about the transformational power of girls’ education.

Use this curriculum - designed to stimulate critical thinking - to help you engage your students in social studies, political science, math, economics, and language arts lessons that take them beyond their borders. Encourage students think about important political, cultural, historical, and geographic issues - and grapple with the challenges - that stand between a girl and her education.

What comes with the curriculum?

  • An exciting, adaptable teaching tool designed to challenge students to consider their role as global citizens and about their capacity to effect change their lives, communities and the world
  • The new Economic Empowerment Module, created in partnership with Citi, designed to introduce students to financial literacy skills that will help them become empowered adults
  • Nearly 50 U.S. Common Core State standards-aligned lesson plans, teacher’s guides and fact sheets - suitable for coursework from upper elementary, middle and high school students
  • Four free chapters of the Girl Rising film - Suma from Nepal, Ruksana from India, Wadley from Haiti and Senna from Peru
  • An assessment tool to measure student learning
  • Additional resources and Take Action guides - to further learning, spark discussion and support students motivated to do more
  • The opportunity to join a growing movement of over 4,700 advocates who have registered to bring Girl Rising to classrooms in nearly 70 countries

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As you think about how you will introduce your students to GR, please view the full film or chapters, consider which issues you’d like your students to explore, how much time you have to teach this curriculum, and if there are additional resources that may be available to enhance the experience for your students.

This powerful teaching tool can be used with the free Girl Rising chapters, any of the chapters in the full film, or the full film itself.

To purchase the Educator’s Edition DVD, which includes the full film, click here.