Photos from last year’s International Day of the Girl 10x10 photo campaign may have ceased to circulate on social media but for the team at Worldreader, the #BasicMath images persist in their classrooms.

Education technology has helped global non-profit organizations like Worldreader improve literacy in sub-Saharan Africa and, to date, Worldreader has provided 662,000 digital books to more than 13,000 children and their families. The staff devotes their days to loading kindle e-readers with books and distributing them to remote areas in nine developing countries. Their mission has always been to educate and motivate. But when slow internet connection made it difficult to show the 10x10 trailer and lack of access to television made it impossible to air the “Girl Rising” film, Worldreader found another way to keep their students ahead of the curve.

They teamed up with Barcelona’s women’s futbol team, FC Barcelona, to create #BasicMath placards for the e-readers of 200 students in Ghana. The placards were screen-savers of female athletes who’d filled in the blank with what educating girls meant to them: “Girls + Education = ”.

Nadja Borovac, Worldreader’s marketing manager, included the visual inspiration in their inaugural commemoration of International Day of the Girl to remind the children of future career opportunities.

“We’re focused on building confidence and encouraging girls to do more and to be more. Some could never imagine that a girl could be a soccer player.” By transferring the social media placards to kindles Worldreader used 10x10’s suggested resources and expanded the  campaign.

As the winner of last year’s national championship, FC Barcelona was an apt choice for a collaboration and Borovac knows it will have lasting impact- “By providing them with information about their own culture and other cultures, we’ll help break barriers that can motivate them to become leaders one day.”