After our world premiere last week, people across the country have been abuzz about Girl Rising – sending us a flurry of emails, Facebook posts, tweets, and phone calls. The feedback has been heartfelt, and the message is clear: we are witnessing a burgeoning, exciting movement to empower girls' worldwide, and it’s all because of every mother, daughter, father, son, teacher and student that’s lined up to see the film. Here’s what people have been saying:

_“People were so moved. My eleven-year-old son can’t stop talking about it. One friend had tears in her eyes as she gave me a hug. Several friends asked when it will be in theaters so they can take their daughters, husbands, friends. The Director of Diversity of my boys' school enthusiastically said she definitely wants to talk to the headmaster about hosting a screening for the high school.” _ - Port Chester, NY

“It was inspiring from the parking lot. Parents all walking in with their teenage daughters peacefully in tow, amazed we got them to come without threats or bribes. The place was packed, and the film got an enthusiastic ovation before it began - and a hearty one when it ended.” - Hillsboro, Oregon

_“See this film. It is a powerful look at a huge problem. Poor girls on every continent are constant victims, at risk, and denied opportunity. Is this a ‘women’s’ issue? No, no! This is a men’s issue! As fathers, husbands and sons let’s stand up and value women. Honor women. Protect and uplift women. We need to educate men too – at the same time we embrace our darling girls everywhere. Thank you for this film.” _ - Seattle, WA

_“I just returned from a screening of this film this in my community. I took my 16 year old daughter and 75 year old mother. The film moved all three of us to tears. Both achingly sad and inspiring in it’s optimism, the film should be seen by all who are concerned about the plight of girls and young women in developing countries.” _ - Undisclosed Screening

_“It was an incredibly and profoundly beautiful film. Each girl’s story touched the heart of every single woman in the theater. I loved everything about it and I thank you, with all my heart, for this amazing project.” _ - Charlotte, North Carolina

_“The film amazed me. To really see what 66 million girls without access to education means is powerful. The stories were undoubtedly difficult, yet told with such care. As one friend wrote to me this morning, ‘The redeeming qualities of those 9 stories were the inspiration and hope when each of the girls were able (sometimes on her own power, and sometimes with the help of loving family and friends) to find her own voice and overcome her adversity. Each story became a beacon of hope for her peers, and the re-telling should travel well in their cultural circles.’” _ - Scarsdale, NY

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