Life is not easy for a young girl in Kisumu, Kenya, a fishing village with few resources. There are some girls, however, who have enough perseverance to strive for a better life. Vivian O. is one of these girls.

Vivian enrolled in primary school with the help of her mother, who herself had completed high school and understood the value of education. With these opportunities, Vivian shined. She soon became one of the top students in her province and was accepted into a prized, competitive secondary school for gifted girls. This is when she became involved in the Global Give Back Circle, an organization that focuses on helping girls transition into a life of empowerment and prosperity. Through mentoring and support, the girls in this program help other girls like them succeed.

Global Give Back Circle has been recognized for by USAID and featured as part of $7 million commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative.

<!–more–>Vivian seized the opportunities Global Give Back Circle gave her to complete other courses and eventually secured a full scholarship to a college in the U.S., where she currently studies pre-med and IT. She associates herself with women from other countries who have excelled despite daunting odds and plans to continue improving the lives of those in her community and attempting to enrich the lives of girls everywhere.

The stories of Vivian and organizations like Global Give Back Circle give us a lot of hope in a better future for girls and women everywhere. Read more here.

–by Anna Claybaugh