An earthquake struck Haiti and thirteen-year-old Rosematrie’s house in 2010, and since then, the costs of education have made it difficult for her to stay in school. Despite her circumstances, however, Rosematrie is dedicated to learning and remains hopeful for the future. “I want to go to a big school in order to develop my talents,“ she explains, ”…I want to be a teacher.”

Rosematrie is intelligent and conveys her ambition both in the classroom and at home, where she completes her coursework on a large chalkboard that has been secured to the wall. The panel, covered daily by Rosematrie’s studies, hides the extreme damage to her house from the quake. Rosematrie takes pride in the exercises that she writes on the board, but the knowledge and skills that she practices come with a cost.

Because Rosematrie has five siblings, her father is unemployed, and her mother can only find occasional work as a dressmaker, it is hard for her parents to afford schooling for her. According to Plan International USA, as reported by CNN, “in Haiti, public schools only meet about 20% of the demand for basic education in rural areas,” and paying for private education is an even greater concern for families.

Organizations such as 10x10 and Plan understand that education should not be unaffordable for anyone; all girls should have the opportunity to learn. So that students like Rosematrie can go to school, we can contribute to decreasing the costs of education. For more information about Rosematrie and how to help,  visit CNN.