Educational inequity, poverty, cultural norms. The list goes on when it comes to the barriers holding girls back across the developing world. The complexity of these challenges might be enough to discourage most young people from trying to tackle them at all.

Thankfully, we know that change can start in the classroom and we’re proud to share that there is a growing force of over 3,800 educators making sure that impact is felt. They are incorporating our curriculum into their lessons and reminding their students that youth have the power and potential to make a difference.

We’re proud that Girl Rising can play a role in changing how these students see the world and wanted to introduce you to a few that are inspiring us today:


“I haven’t always been an advocate for girls education. Yes, it is important to me but I never knew how significant education is for other girls around the world. Until recently I have lived in my own little bubble of school, softball practice, family, and friends; sometimes I still do. Now that I’m aware of what girls go through, I’ll definitely strive to make a greater impact on girls and the world.”


“Even through tough times, large obstacles, and hard problems, girls across the world are making a stand. What I thought was most inspiring about [Girl Rising] was the fact that young girls have so much determination and strength to fight for what is right. I learned that if you stand up for what is right, people will catch on and continue the fight with you, eventually growing from a small step to a giant leap of justice. The girls in the video proved this is true by demonstrating that everyone can fight no matter the gender.”


“This documentary made me upset because girls around the world aren’t getting educated and it causes so many problems. The main [statistic] that surprised me was that the main cause of death was childbirth. Little girls shouldn’t have to worry about being married off for money and having to work to support their families. Now I know the power of education and how it can change the world for the better.”

Special thanks to the students and educators at John Handley High School in Winchester, Virginia for their help creating a better world for girls.