Psychologist Robyn McKay wants 500 people to participate in her upcoming International Day of the Girl online forum. Her impact goal may sound too ambitious, but Robyn has a simple plan for engagement- trust the team.

She’s approved ten professional women with advanced degrees to join her in moderating a discussion around the disparities in female earnings. The 10 speakers are required to tell at least 50 people in their respective networks about the forum. McKay, who has a PHD in counseling psychology, has faith that all the speakers will raise awareness about the women’s movement by engaging their communities.

She’ll be broadcasting from Paris, with the hopes of connecting with students at Paul Cezanne University and students at Arizona State University, her home base.

This will be her second time hosting an online discussion. This summer Robyn created she{ology}, a global summit of online interviews featuring rising entrepreneurs. The take-away from the she{ology} summit was that “well-being and success are related”.

The outcome of this year’s IDG event will have a huge effect on Robyn’s impressions of creating a thriving online community, as it comes only one month before she co-publishes a book titled “Smart Girls” with Great Potential Press.