Maaza Mengiste

Go ahead, let 10x10 novelist Maaza Mengiste take you far beyond the typical haunting images of Ethiopia – barren natural disasters and widespread starvation – that most of us in the West have been saturated with for far too long.

Open Maaza’s critically-acclaimed debut, Beneath the Lion’s Gaze, and meet the Hailu family. We meet the Hailus as Ethiopia is on the verge of the horrific 1974 revolution that ousted a 3,000-year-old deified monarchy. This monarchy was replaced with a brutal regime that destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives. As if piecing together an intricate puzzle, Maaza presents an epic historical moment too few of us know of, laying the most atrocious acts next to radiantly tender moments. The story of the good doctor Hailu and his two sons will prove unforgettable.

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  • Use 10x10’s biography and exclusive Q&A to learn about Maaza’s own isolated youth which fuels her “connect[ion] to the plight of children.” Read how Maaza channeled her own memories of her early past – filled with uncertainty, inexplicable violence, and constant fear – into this searing, award-winning novel.
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