One of the most exciting and unique aspects of 10x10 is partnering with some of the world’s greatest writers who will be crafting each story for our film. They are the ones who ultimately choose which girl to profile for their chapter and, after spending some one-on-one time with that special girl, put pen to paper and draft a script for the film.

Maaza Mengiste is our immensely talented writer for Ethiopia who was recently named runner-up for the Dayton Literary Peace Prize for her novel Beneath the Lion’s Gaze. Maaza shares with us her thoughts on this accolade and the power of story:

I’m touched that people have seen that my book, Beneath the Lion’s Gaze, is not just about a revolution but also a testament to love, family, and the unending struggle of so many to maintain human dignity. I am thrilled to receive this honor and once more, it confirms for me the potential of literature and art to change perspectives and shift the dialogue.

Can a book create peace? No, but people can and my journey with 10x10 has been an affirmation.

Last week, 10x10 held a small celebration marking one year’s worth of production and campaign progress. Check out this video of Maaza reading a portion of her 10x10 script about a girl named Azmera: