by Alex Dolce

At Horham, PA’s fifth annual flea market 10x10 supporters Lauren, 10 and Tara, 11 baked 300 cookies in a most admirable effort to raise money for their chosen cause: girls education.

“What the girl learns she takes to her community and she spreads it,” Lauren said.

Lauren and Tara began raising money for charity at the Horham flea market as kindergartners five years ago. Last year, the girls raised $500 that was matched by one of their friends' parents, allowing these two fifth-graders to raise a total of $1,000!

Tara said the girls rasie money, “Just to help out. To make the world a better place.” Lauren and Tara’s praiseworthy and creative approach is a fundraising inspiration.  Have you thought about doing a 10x10 bake sale in your town?

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