When you read about pre-screening parties, prominent attendees, and presenters trumpeting their total view counts on YouTube, at the center of the story is usually someone looking to gain exposure for their own talents. This wasn’t the intention of nine-year-old Kennedy Norman.


Kennedy became a viral personality in Atlanta when she decided to promote Girl Rising on YouTube with videos explaining how to get tickets, singing her own theme song for the film, and giving a film review. We've posted her footage before but now that one of her videos has received more than 470 views, we wanted to check in on our favorite YouTube sensation to hear why she thinks she’s received garlands of praise. “I like to show emotion when I do videos,” she concluded. Kennedy loved having guests at the movie screening approach her to say “I’m here because I saw your video”. She was doubly elated when she heard the Girl Rising filmmakers were electrified by her video, as well.

  Kennedy’s mother, Kara, knew that including Kennedy in her screening captain duties would be a great mother-daughter bonding activity. Intel Atlanta sponsored her pre-screening party and she advertised the film through her nonprofit organization, Empower Her, Inc. However, it was a surprise for her to see how involved Kennedy was in the process- “She got a kick out of sharing her movie review. She keeps asking ‘How many hits do we have on YouTube?’”

  Kara will continue to record the videos on her iphone and Kennedy plans to produce more content. Her next Girl Rising-inspired video topic is: How to stand up for yourself. “I like Wadley’s story because she stood up for herself even though her mom couldn’t pay for school.”

  You can also find more photos from Kennedy and Kara’s “Girl Rising” party and movie screening here.