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Celebrate with 10x10! - Images by 10x10 Act

Its official! October 11th, 2012 has been named the world’s FIRST ‘International Day of the Girl’ by the United Nations, and we invite you to join us in celebration.

Hundreds of people around the world are raising their voices for girls online and by hosting 10x10 events in their communities, to show that investing in girls is not just RIGHT, but SMART. 10x10 is hosting an event in New York City, and I hope that you will join us by  hosting an event in your own community.

Become a part of this global celebration!

International Day of the Girl is THE moment to generate local conversation about how your community can help write a better future for girls. Hosting an event is easy: it’s about people gathering friends, family, and colleagues and sharing the simple facts and stories that make the case that empowering girls will bring about transformational change. Its a CELEBRATION for girls around the world!

When you register you will get access to all the tools and materials you may need to host or attend an event in our resource center. We’ll also send you exclusive 10x10 video content including a sneak peek of the film and highlights from the 10x10 event in New York City (expect details soon).

You can help build excitement leading up to International Day of the Girl by spreading the word on ** Twitter** about why educating girls is  #BasicMath.

Why #BasicMath? Around the world, millions of girls face barriers to education that boys do not: early and forced marriage, domestic slavery, sex trafficking, gender violence and discrimination, school fees, access to markets. And yet, when you educate a girl you can break cycles of poverty in just _one _generation. Educating girls means not only a better life for them, but a safer, healthier, and more prosperous world for all.

Research proves, when you mix girls and education you get:

  • A GDP increase of 3% when the number of girls in school grows by only 10%
  • Marriage postponed by 4 years and 2.2 fewer children, when a girl attends school for only 7 years
  • A 50% greater likelihood of immunizing children
  • A wage increase of 15% after only one year of primary education

It’s as simple as ** #BasicMath. When you educate girls, extraordinary things happen. To me, Girls + Education = Prosperity.  What does it mean to you? Join our ** Twitter campaign and simply tweet the following equation and make it your own by filling in the blank:

Girls + Education = ____ It’s #BasicMath.

Together we can make difference. Raise your voice on online and celebrate International Day of the Girl. ** Sign up to host a 10x10 International Day of the Girl event** and share your support for girls on ** Twitter.**  Collective action can and will lead to powerful change.

Lets join forces to RAISE the value of the girl. Thank you so much for your support.