It’s an incredible time in history. Just look at Google trends. Last week, web search rates for International Women’s Day hit an all time high.

If statistics can’t prove that conversations about gender parity and female empowerment are multiplying, we’re not sure what does.

What’s especially key is that this conversation is happening in both personal and professional networks and community by community.

We used this International Women’s Day as a chance to celebrate some of the amazing individuals we know who are working towards a more gender equal world. They know that unleashing the full potential of girls leads to a safer, healthier and more prosperous world for all. They also know that if this world is going to be a reality, we need a lot more voices speaking up for Planet 50-50.

For example, there is Karla. She’s a Girl Rising Regional Ambassador and staunch advocate for girls' rights. In the weeks around IWD, she’s bringing together over 400 new audience members for screenings of Girl Rising in Ecuador. She’s also inviting members of her community to take a stand for education as a human right.

We have Sheetal, from Jaipur, India, speaking up as well. On IWD, Sheetal and her colleagues went around their community to talk to others about girls' rights. Those who took an oath to promote girls' safety had a pink ribbon tied around their wrist as visual proof that they will “raise their voice against any type of discrimination against women and girls in their area.” They plan to lead more ribbon campaigns on a larger scale, focused on policemen and youth.

Sheetal, a Girl Rising Ambassador in India, works regularly to provide gender sensitization programming in her community. She sees girls' safety is an issue of great concern in her community and that collective action is required for change.

What about Priyanka Chopra? The actress, Girl Rising India Producer and girls' education advocate also added her voice to the conversation, reminding her social media following to consider the role they play in advancing the cause and creating change.

And in Nigeria, where the Girl Rising ENGAGE project is making strides, we held a special screening of the film. Here, six of the nine original Girl Rising stories have been paired with original Nigerian vignettes designed to connect the stories and their messages with local communities. This version, translated into Hausa, was screened at a movie theater to over 200 people.

Thanks to these incredible activists for inspiring us to continue working for a gender equal world and every girl’s right to go to school!

Progress towards gender parity is possible. Get involved today or donate today to support our global programs.