By Martha Adams, 10x10 Producer

There was a ball of nerves making its home in my stomach. After consulting all those who are near and dear to my heart (from 6 year old son to 86 year old dad), I decided to depart a week early for the 10x10 India scout trip on March 8, for good reason mind you!  Our first candidate for the film had been invited to the White House in honor of International Women’s Day. And that, as you can imagine, couldn’t be missed.

It was 5:30 in the morning. Bleary-eyed from staying up all night packing - “Beltway” heels, check, malaria meds, check and so on – I shuffled to a newsstand at LAX and there she was. Hillary Clinton on the cover of Tina Brown’s inaugural NEWSWEEK. The banner headline read: 150 Women Who Shake the World.  That woke me up!

I spotted her in about 3 seconds. A couple pages before Melinda Gates and a couple pages after Michelle Bachelet, right there on page 56, was the young woman that Richard and I met in Cambodia on our first trip for 10x10.

Sokha is an orphan who lived for years as a scavenger in the city dump. A victim of abuse and tragedy too horrific for most of us to even contemplate, let alone endure, her sheer will to succeed makes her a larger-than-life hero.

And by the way, Tina Brown, each of the “Women Who Shake the World” profiles felt like a strike of lightening. It took the seat belt to keep me from pacing the plane.

The next day Sokha, Srey Ne and I embarked on an adventure none of us could have imagined.