“Louder Together”

by Haley Priebe

April 12, 2011 marks the first annual Day for Street Children! The Campaign, which is led by the ** Consortium for Street Children, aims to give a voice to millions of street children around the world so that governments, NGOs and individuals can no longer ignore their rights, which are laid out by the ** UN Convention on Rights of the Child.

Video: Hear the voices of street children here*. *

Although almost every country – except the U.S. and Somalia – has ratified this convention, many governments fail to protect street children, who are vulnerable to physical abuse, substance abuse and trafficking, and who often are denied their fundamental rights of food, health and education.

It is tragic that street children are denied access to education because education is one of the most effective ways to keep children off the streets and help them build a brighter future. Fourteen-year-old Deepchad, who lives on the streets of Delhi, India, agrees, “I am the same person like you. I eat the same food. I live the same life. You are on the street as I am on the street. But one mistake I did was to leave school. So, please don’t do that.”

In response to this need, Aviva, International Day for Street Children’s principle sponsor, has developed ** Street to School**, an international partnership program that aims to help 500,000 street children back into school by 2015. Founded in 2009, Street to School has already helped place 128,000 children back into school or training.

At 10x10, we raise our voices in support of street children and education today, and we will continue tomorrow.  We hope you do the same!