Global Campaign for Education’s Global Action Week is in full swing, and 10x10 is excited that this year’s focus in educating women and girls! Since 2002, GCE has rallied millions of people from around the world to call on leaders to take action on the UN Millennium Development Goal to achieve Education for every man, woman, and child by 2015.

Right now, 67 million children and 759 million adults are missing out - and two thirds of them are women and girls.

Not only does everyone deserve a quality education; education for women and girls brings huge benefits to their families, communities, and countries. - The child of a literate mother is 50% more likely to live past the age of 5. - Girls with basic education are three times less likely to contract HIV/AIDS. - It costs developing countries $92 billion a year, which is roughly the amount of aid sent annually to these countries.

Around the world, many people have already taken action. For example, the National Campaign for Education India has collected stories of 10 extraordinary women and girls whose lives have changed because of education. These women and girls are going to meet the President of India and tell their stories before members of parliament. In Afghanistan, the Movement for Support Quality Education in Afghanistan has invited top government officials, including the President, students, and citizens to a national advocacy event in Kabul.

Over 100 countries have committed to Education for All, and it is our job to hold them to this promise.

Take your first action this week!

** SIGN** the petition, which will be handed to world leaders.

** ADD** your Big Story, and tell us why you think education for women and girls is important.

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** GO** to a Global Action Week event in your country: check the list to see what’s happening.

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