If a picture is worth a thousand words, a beautiful and thoughtful work of art should be worth a million. Girl Rising supporters around the world are constantly inspiring us with their artistry, from portraits of the original nine girls in the film to colorful representations of the statistical benefits of girls’ education. We were truly blown away, however, by the printmaking skills of students at Oak Hills High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.

After watching Girl Rising in their art class, students chose their favorite film chapter as inspiration to create a print that reflected on its main ideas. The results were both visually stunning and thematically on point.

According to teacher Jamie Schorsch, the students modeled their process after contemporary printmaking artist Kara Walker. Walker is well known for her use of starkly contrasting silhouettes, as well as her pieces’ strong focus on race, gender and identity.

As Schorsch explained, “The goal for the students with rendering the forms of the girls as silhouettes was to allow the viewer to empathize more with the scenes and situations they experienced, visualizing themselves as the silhouette.”

The students’ approach to their work perfectly captures the universal heart of Girl Rising: as global citizens, we empathize and stand with girls all around the world fighting the same battle for education and a life of opportunity.

“I’ve been teaching for thirteen years now and have never seen students so engaged while watching a film or so dedicated to planning and executing a project,” Schorsch said.

“The students were really impacted by the project and affected by the girls’ story.”

Student Artists Featured: Mia Kuchenmeister, Abby Yost, Leah Bushman, Allyson Albertz, Mayson Reperowitz, Olivia Lang & Kaitlyn Garrison.

Just like film, dialogue, and other actions, art can send a powerful message in support of girls’ education. Do you have Girl Rising-inspired artwork you’d like to share? Tweet us @girlrising or email educate@girlrising.com.