This International Women’s Day, Girl Rising’s stories and message were celebrated across the world - by adolescent girls and boys in Fiji, at a cultural festival in Alaska, with resettled refugees in Greece, and New York City legal professionals, just to name a few.

While this momentum is astounding, conversations about the power of girls' education do not always require a public forum. It’s also possible to view and share these stories at home.

Here’s a snapshot of the places you can find Girl Rising - for as little as 99 cents:

Digital Download

If you’re looking for even more inspiration, continue to fuel the movement with our new book, a powerful complement to the original film.

Why It Matters

In today’s films and books, female characters are given less screen time and often not featured as the lead character or in positions of power.

But, stories like Girl Rising’s breaks away from this - where ordinary girls with incredible stories can serve as incredible role models and examples of what can happen when one perseveres.

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