It’s official - Girl Rising is now broadcasting on television stations throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo!

A premiere event on October 25 brought together a myriad of girls' education advocates, policymakers, Girl Rising staff and civic leaders in Kinshasa to celebrate and announce the broadcast schedule.

For audiences in the DRC, the original Girl Rising film has been dubbed into three local languages: French, Lingala and Swahili. Local influencers joined the project to record special introductions and a call-to-action designed to remind the audience that taking action locally is critically important to widespread change. Beloved Congolese musician, Jean Goubald, contributed his music to a brand new introduction to the film.

The newest version of Girl Rising has potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people - even millions! - and we’re just getting started.

In the DRC, girls opportunities are drastically limited by extreme poverty, sexual violence and socio-economic norms that perpetuate gender inequality. Just over half of girls in the DRC complete primary school and nearly 25% will never attend school at all.

These statistics are striking, but all the more motivating. We already know that addressing these barriers means a better life for girls and a safer, healthier, and more peaceful world for all.

We’re excited to share the films and their powerful message with audiences across the DRC - ensuring that all girls feel strong, safe and heard.