LAX > BKK > CCU > DEL > LAX. It’s tiring just to read that itinerary. Fortunately half of that trek is behind me. I have just arrived in Kolkata India, 10x10’s second visit to the country. With each of our ten countries, we take three trips as part of our  film pre-production and production process. On our second trips, our national writers spend some concentrated time with the girl whose story they’ve chosen to tell, getting to know them so they can pen an intimate portrayal of these remarkable kids.

view of buildings and sky in Kolkata, India

In Kolkata, screenwriter Sooni Taraporevala will spend time with the girl she’s chosen, 11-year-old Ruksana, learning about how she manages to stay in school despite living on the street with her family. Sooni will shadow Ruksana’s every activity from family time, school, to the night shelter where she sleeps. (Read more about Ruksana here).

Then it’s on to Delhi where I’ll be working with 10x10 partner Pratham to produce a short video for their fundraising campaign later this year, and learning more about their community education programs throughout India.

I’ll do my best to send updates from this trip, including a photo of the day. So follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr to track our progress in India.