Cover of Investing in Women and Girls III, USA Today

10x10 is making a statement about girls' education and our voices are carrying!

This morning, 10x10 and our strategic action partner, Intel, were featured in a special section of USA Today that focuses on the potential of investing in girls. Among the prominent voices of women and girls' advocacy leaders, including Secretary Hillary Clinton and Michelle Bachelet, 10x10 Producer Martha Adams tells the story of a Cambodian girl named Sopatt whose one dream was to bring books to her community. Thanks to 10x10 core partner Room to Read, Sopatt has achieved her dream. This story, as well as several reports about the potential economic, political and social impact of investing in girls, will reach over 3 million readers, through print in select high-impact markets and online, putting 10x10 well on our way to reaching our goal of achieving 1 billion media impressions.

From tweets to mass media campaigns, 10x10 is forging a space for conversation about girls' education. And we’re not stopping there. As 10x10 Executive Producer Tom Yellin explained in a TEDx talk earlier this year, “Stories are a way to connect to people emotionally. Stories well told can change the way people see the world. And that provokes action.”

From our numerous production trips around the world, powerful stories about extraordinary girls abound. We are committed to finding the right story and telling it well, through the voices of ten inspiring girls and ten talented writers. But, is it enough to tell a provocative story in a powerful way? Well, that’s where you come in. Good stories need a great audience and 10x10 is exploring many avenues to engage people and move them to act on behalf of girls globally. Our stories are scalable, and can make a difference whether told around the dinner table or in a nationally distributed media source because of the passion and initiative of those who are listening. So, check out these stories and bring them back to the dinner table tonight!

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