What’s the best way to start the day? The Girl Rising way!

We loved receiving this message from Kelly, a high school special education teacher at Pepin Academy in Tampa, FL. She’s been using our curriculum in her classroom and has been blown away by the results.

“For the past year, my sophomores have been studying the unique lessons in the Girl Rising unit, and I can honestly say it has broadened their horizons and opened their eyes to the world around them. They have loved every experience and lesson involved in the Girl Rising unit, and they are have been able to make personal connections to the stories within the unit. I have seen my students think outside the box, make personal goals and strive to make a difference in their community because of the content they have learned from Girl Rising. Thank you for sharing this amazing story and developing a curriculum that allows for my students to strive to make a difference in the world.”

Meet some of Kelly’s students and see examples of their amazing work below:

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