By Martha Adams

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Hope everyone is well. I shouldn’t be operating heavy machinery right now. Bleary-eyed tired.

Martha Adams and one of the girls that Room to Read is helping - Photo Copyright: 10x10 / Richard Robbins Today was our last day of shooting in Nepal (leaving for Cambodia tomorrow – upping the tally of flights to 8 since leaving LA) and we came across yet another batch of legendary girls.

It seems there are dozens of “mini-Che Guevaras” running around in the yards of Room to Read schools. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if one of today’s girls became the first female prime minister. These girls astounded us with their smarts and many of their responses to our questions made the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up.<!–more–>

We asked – why educate a woman if she’s just going to stay at home and care for the family? “Because our mother is our first teacher.” We asked – why go to school? “Because life without an education is like a blank page in a book.” And so on.

Many of the girls had lost one, in some cases both parents. One father was a beggar, another worked in a carpet factory. Other parents were disabled, blind or had recently lost an baby in the days after the birth. And yet when we asked – what would your autobiography be titled? “Beautiful Life,” answered one. “Lucky Girl to Read” responded another.

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(Photography by Richard Robbins)