Olympic Runner DeeDee Trotter, 2012 Olympic Gold and Bronze Medalist, has joined the campaign for girls’ education as a Girl Rising Global Champion!

In addition to her work competing as a professional athlete, DeeDee is an active advocate in her community. She enjoys working with children, such as through speaking at schools and spending time at local Boys & Girls Clubs. DeeDee has also founded Test Me, I’m Clean, an organization dedicated to educating athletes about the harmful effects of performance-enhancing drugs and how to perform well without them—through “Hard Work, Honesty and Honor.”

We are delighted that DeeDee is now becoming involved in the movement for girls’ education! She began her engagement with us by urging her followers on Twitter to take action for girls and to watch Girl Rising when it premiered on CNN. Passionate about the importance of girls’ education, DeeDee also created a personal YouTube video to remind people to watch the broadcast of Girl Rising.

Thank you, DeeDee, for your all of your support!