Cynthia Hornig and Jennifer Jones have used their professional foundation as public relations mavens to build up a Girl Rising screening that truly reflects the essence of the campaign- helping people come alive. For the past year and a half their digital brand and editorial site,, has featured profiles of dynamic women with amazing journeys and soon these WYSKs will meet face-to-face for the first time to watch the personal journeys of Girl Rising. Cynthia and Jennifer have spent most of their careers giving a voice to the voiceless and now they’re employing all of their marketing and p.r. skills to organize a multifaceted screening that has attracted notable attendees, inspiring everyday women and concerned men, alike. Cynthia’s travels to developing countries have certainly reinforced that the film’s message is a global topic with a grounded goal of empowering girls through education.

For those who don’t believe that you can truly be a leader of this women’s movement, this duo proves you wrong. They’ve spread the message to states near and far. Californians Cheryl Laughlin and Caleb Porter, founders of Bits of Love jewelry, purchased five tickets to Cynthia and Jennifer’s New York Girl Rising screening as a donation and sign of support. When asked why they bought tickets to a show they could not attend Cheryl, a screenwriter, revealed to Cynthia: “I heard amazing buzz about the introductory preview at the Sundance Film Festival and all the hard work that went into the film. I love any medium that raises up the voice of girls and the power of education…we needed to be part of that combined awesome energy, even if we couldn’t make it to the screening ourselves.”

Girl Rising has far-reaching impact, but we’re proud to also have screen captains like Cynthia and Jennifer who go the distance.

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