by Anna Claubaugh and Haley Priebe

Cheers to Camfed for their most recent call to action! Giving voice to many young female students, Camfed’s short video proclaims, “Educate me. I will change the world!”

Camfed (Campaign for Female Education), an innovative education and women’s empowerment organization in sub-saharan Africa, shares 10x10’s belief that education can change everything! With the impact of education on health, economics, and the next generation in mind, Camfed takes a holistic approach to educating girls. They not only pay the tuition fees of girls who are identified by their communities as the most in need; they also mentor and support the girls from primary school through adulthood, offering them business training, small grants, and a supportive alumni network.<!–more–>

Since it’s founding in 1993, 1,451,600 children have had their education improved by Camfed. Yactina is just one of them…

Yactina has always had a passion for knoweldge. At thirteen, she left home to work for her aunt in Tanzania’s capital city, Dar Es Salaam. Yactina aspired to earn enough money to go to school, but she was frightened because she had heard many stories of people going to work as domestic servants and being treated like slaves. In the video below, Yactina talks vividly about her memories of working as a servant, her joy in joining Camfed’s education program, and her dream to earn enough money to educate her children.

For more inspiring success stories, visit Camfed online.