We’re happy to bring you a video from 10x10 Partner Plan, and their incredible Because I Am a Girl campaign.

Across the globe, the birth of a female baby can bring up many different emotions in parents: excitement, nervousness, or disappointment. Unfortunately, the parents of children born in many underdeveloped countries often feel the last emotion. The birth of a girl in many countries is not something to be celebrated.  Many will grow up to spend their lives in the service of men, –fathers, brothers, or husbands.

New parents in developed countries deliberate options such as “paint the nursery wall pink [or] turn up the heating”.  Parents who live in poverty face very different questions. The females in the family are seen as less valuable than the men. Instead of having parties for their sixth birthdays, they are sent to fetch water from the well at dawn, just like any other day.

Even worse, often at the age of twelve, young girls will be “sold into marriage to pay for [their] brother’s education.”  In these places of poverty, girls are the ones who suffer the most.  Luckily for many of them, Plan has, well, a plan, and it’s super easy to get involved.

To learn more about how to help girls achieve gender equality, realize rights, and break the cycle of poverty, visit www.PlanGirls.org.

by Anna Claybaugh