Students at the Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr, PA are kicking off their second Helping Hands Fundraiser to support the 10x10 campaign and help girls around the world! You may have seen the video we posted last year celebrating the Pre-K and Kindergarten girls’ achievement after they raised over $500 by doing chores at home. Well, this year the entire Lower School (Pre-K through 5th grade) is rallying together to raise money and make an impact. We were invited to Baldwin last week to help inspire our new girl champions by sharing 10x10 stories and assuring them that a little can go a very long way.

After the presentation, dozens of hands shot up into the air and we were instantly moved by the girls’ enthusiasm. Questions like “If I only raise a little, will that help?” or “In places like Haiti where there was such a big disaster, how can we try and help every girl?” demonstrated that these girls are ready to do all they can to make a difference.

At the close of the assembly we were able to listen in on a Baldwin School song with the lyrics, “We are on our way. Our future is bright.” The Baldwin students really are on their way to do great things! With their energy and support for this cause, we are confident that they will continue in their efforts to ensure that girls around the world have the same rights and opportunities to fulfill their dreams through education. We will report back on the outcome of the fundraiser at the end of March, so stay tuned!