Reporters usually ask writers “What motivated you to write your book?” but for scribe Anastasia Gavalas the question has been “What inspired you after you wrote your book?”. Last summer she released a book titled “Wing It: 6 Simple Steps to Succeed as a Modern Day Parent”. Anastasia, who has five children, included a chapter on “Raising Rooted and Winged Children”. However, the idea to design actual wings for children only manifested itself after she saw Girl Rising at a screening in East Hampton, NY. The wings represent all her ideas for empowering youth - use imagination, be creative, soar - conflated into one object. The goal of her  Wing It Project is to help kids design their own wearable wings. In the  youtube video to promote the project, Anastasia’s six-year old daughter, Jeorgiana, sings: I’m a little butterfly/ Spread my colorful wings/ Even though I’m small and frail/ I can do most anything. Anastasia emailed our staff to let us know that proceeds from the project will be donated to the 10x10 campaign and other organizations that help educate children. She’s received fabric store donations and requests to host wing-making sessions at birthday parties, libraries, and local venues. “I had a little girl ask if we could create wings and give them to children around the world. Hopefully one day we will.”