Send an open message to girls on CNN iReport

What would you tell girls about the value of education? In collaboration with CNN’s release of Girl Rising on June 16th, CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour expressed her thoughts about the significance of girls’ education in a powerful letter that she addressed to “Girls of the World.”

In her letter, Amanpour references captivating statistics and speaks to girls with confidence. For example, she shares, “a woman can expect a 10% to 20% rise in earning power with every additional year of primary education beyond average.” Although the figures that she presents throughout her writing are astonishing, the benefits of girls’ education come as no surprise: “All the number crunchers have it right on this one: education = empowerment, from here in the United States to Uruguay and Ulan Bator.”

Perhaps what is most inspiring about Amanpour’s letter is the sense of optimism that she emits to her readers. She encourages us that schooling for all girls around the world is possible, and that through education, change will happen. Behind her compelling facts and examples about the impact of girls’ education, Amanpour’s proposal is simple: “Go girls! Power the world! We can do it.”

Check out Amanpour’s full letter here.

Like Amanpour, you can join Girl Rising’s campaign for girls’ education by sending your own open message to girls on CNN iReport.