Today The La Pietra Coalition launched a new blog series, focused on interviews with global leaders in women’s and girls' economic empowerment.

Dr. Sima Samar

The Coalition’s mission is to make the economic case for women’s empowerment and gender equality to decision-makers and society at large. 10x10 joined the coalition earlier this year, and is working with La Pietra to develop video materials to support their global campaigns.

The first of their new blogs is an interview with Dr. Sima Samar, the former Afghan Minister of Women’s Affairs, currently with the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission. Not surprisingly, she talks about how education is the key to all women’s empowerment efforts.

In order to be able to fight for equality for women the main tool is education. If you know about your rights you will stand for it and try to defend it. That is why I tried to facilitate education for boys and girls, with particular focus on girl’s education.

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