The following message is a note from Christina Lowery, CEO of Girl Rising. We invite you to join us in kickstarting conversations about the power of education and gender equality in your community and continue to welcome your input and ideas.

To Our Friends:

While the events surrounding the U.S. election have been cause for much reflection, we remain steadfast in our belief that a world in which all girls feel safe, strong and heard is possible.

The truth is — there is a new generation of role models leading the charge. You won’t necessarily find them in the halls of power (although many are) but new ambassadors of gender equality can be found in Brooklyn after-school clubs, leading town hall meetings in remote India and on the radio airwaves of Northern Nigeria.

Courageous individuals from all walks of life are standing up for girls and blazing new paths forward. It’s our job to make sure the world knows this to be true.

Your support means a great deal to us and the fact is, we need you now more than ever before.

Many are asking us: what can I do? We invite you to screen Girl Rising in your community. We have waived the license fee for the next three months and ask that you gather donations.

Your guests can support Girl Rising or a non-profit in your local community. Simply by screening the film, you can raise critical funds and make a very real difference.

The momentum we have today is something we can all be proud of. Let’s keep pushing forward.

With peace and gratitude,
Christina Lowery


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