G(irls)20 Summit 10x10 is partnering with the Belinda Stronach Foundation on the 2011 G(irls)20 Summit. The G(irls)20 Summit is modeled after the G20 Summit and will convene one girl from each G20 country and one girl from the host country (Equitorial Guinea) two weeks before the G20 leaders meet to discuss, debate and design innovative ideas focused on necessary to empower girls and women globally. All expenses are covered for the girls including travel, accommodations, visas and meals. The G(irls)20 Summit is still seeking application for delegates to attend the event this October in Paris. There are 3.3 billion girls and women in the world. That means there are 3.3 billion ways to _change _the world. Visit www.girlsandwomen.com to find out how you make _your _NUMBER count.

Eligible countries: Argentina · Australia · Brazil · Canada · China · France · Germany · India · Indonesia · Italy · Japan · Mexico · Russia · Saudi Arabia · South Africa · South Korea · Turkey · UK · USA and a representative of the European Union plus a representative from the African Union Chair country, Equatorial Guinea.

Applicants must be 18-20 years of age and live in one of the G20 countries or Equatorial Guinea.

Applications are due: Friday, April 15th, 2011 at 11:59 PM (Eastern Standard Time) Please let the girls in your world know about the opportunity!