10x10 supporters Molly & Fabio T. of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, hosted a gathering at their home last week to introduce the 10x10 _action campaign to the Philadelphia community and engage individuals who are interested in supporting 10x10’s goal of educating girls around the world.   After braving flash-thunderstorms and flooded roads, attendees heard about the film project and global action campaign and understood the urgent need 10x10_’s partners – Room to Read, World Vision, CARE, Girl Up, Plan International, and The Global Campaign for Education – have for powerful media to help them to tell their stories to a global audience, and to scale up their programs.

Guests also heard from 10x10 supporter Marjorie Margolies, President of _ Women’s Campaign International. Marjorie spoke about why investing in girls and women is transformative both locally and globally. She also spoke about why the African First Ladies Initiative will be supporting 10x10, will benefit from the stories 10x10_ is sharing, and most importantly, why the media 10x10 is creating becomes an important tool for scaling their work. Representatives from the Baldwin School – including Sally Powell, Anne Burns and Emelie Wilkes – had a chance to explain the work they’re doing to educate girls here in the States as future leaders for tomorrow.

Following the presentation, attendees had a chance to ask questions of Executive Producer Tom Yellin, Executive Director Holly Gordon, Chief Rabble Rouser Gregor Bailar and co-founder of the Documentary Group, Kayce Jennings.  Cheers for a great evening, compelling questions and the momentum to continue our journey and mission!